Seek Beyond "Black and White"

Artist Statement and Works

December 6th, 2010

I believe it is through our relationships with others that we begin to define ourselves. Our sense of self is largely impacted by society, but what if this same society also silences us?  Paintings have always been an element of visual display, but they can also be networks that bridge a formal connection.  It is critical for there to be a conversation between the viewer and the work if the goal is to be understood.  Through painting, I don’t have to yield to society’s pressures to be silent.  Whether the work is representing the tears I am too ashamed to shed or an account of a personal struggle, it functions as a link that closes the gap from myself to others.  If viewers can begin to hear what is unsaid, perhaps we will no longer need to look to others in order to define ourselves. Because if we are already communicating, what is left for us to try to understand?

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